Spring Maintenance for Exterior of Your Home, in Surrey, BC

The frosty winters seems to be over, and we are ready to jump into the spring...but will this rain ever stop! The interesting fact about West Coast weather is that not only should we be prepared for those rainy days, but so should our home.


Before you get cracking with the spring cleaning and home maintenance, it's best to prioritize your acitivities. Start by a visual inspection of your home, starting with the exterior, and move indoors. Make a note of items that need immediate attention, items that come secondary and luxurios home improvement items (common sense would dictate taking care of home improvement after dealing with immediate issues...but seems like majority of homeowners don't followcommonsense and let their emotions run them dry) Undecided  I've created a simple list to assist you in planning for your spring maintenance. 


1. Foundation: Check for cracks, holes, and prepare to seal. Tip: if a crack can fit your thumb...call for professional help!

2. Sidings: depending on the type of sidings, from simple crack fill, to paint, check for holes, cracks, and any unusual movement or bends.

3. Path/Driveways: Cracks, settling signs

4. Gutters/Downspouts: ensure water is running properly. Get the gutters clean, as regular maintenance. Watch for any incomplete downspouts. 

5. Chimney: Brick damage, or movement

6. Decks/Steps: May need uplift, paint

7. Fence: paint if required, check the panels to ensure durability.

8. Sump and drain tiles: Check for water levels, every 15 years or so, flushing your drain tiles professionally is recommended.

9. Yard: Fertilize

10. Exterior Hoses: Time to open up the water, if the danger of frost has passed.

11. Windows/screens: Time to clean the windows, and wash the screens, and let the beautiful Sun brighten your indoors! 

Hoping it'll break through the clouds soon! Cool


Look out for my next blog: Spring Maintenance for the "Interior" of your Home!!


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